a Love Can atTack a sun. Ah, atoMic I.

This volume is a mutation, a thematic cheat, a hot hack, a cult cut, a must have. It connects voices, it concocts a vaccine, it is a chic click. It tackles the monoliths, it cultivates an active tool to unshackle an atomic hit. It unchains volcanoes, it attacks a tone, it omits to content once it launches a hint. Thus it enacts a smooth shunt, it invents a thin leak. It is a semantic stunt, an alchemistic task, a satanical choke. A live lust, a vast vice, a thick think.

Publisher: The Auction House SOGA, Bratislava 2018
Editor: Nina Gazovicova
Texts: Nina Gazovicova, Raluca Voinea, Janneke de Vries, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova
Imagineering: Parallel Practice
ISBN 978-80-89715-35-0

The production of the book was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

This volume accompanies the exhibition i aM a hoT ice, an avAst Luck, a no aCt in SOGA, Bratislava (2017).
The book was also published on the occasion of the exhibition ah, souL in A coMa, aCt naive, atTack at The GAK in Bremen (2015).