darkness is invisible. invisibility is resistance.
darkness is here and now.
darkness exists only site- and time-specifically.
darkness defies representation. it is un-transmittable, un-photographable, un-uploadable, un-fathomable.
darkness is unmanifested and unknown. incomprehensible and indescribable.
darkness is un-sellable, un-buyable. darkness is the stage of the post-self. it erases boundaries between subject and object.
darkness dissolves and coagulates.
darkness is being-nessĀ in motion.
darkness is the non-being as it appears to our finite minds.
darkness frames and shapes the light.
darkness is a sculptor. darkness is sculpture.
darknes is growing images and ideas within the art of unseen.
darkness is the world camouflaged by vantablack.
darkness is lack and abundance at the same time.
darkness is post-political.
darkness is the original chaos and the end toward which things return in death, a metaphysical entity underlying everything.
darkness is the basic substance of the universe, the uninterrupted and that which remains when all else disappears.
darkness is the palpable invisible and the invisible palpable.
darkness is a substance with positivity: darkness contains everything that is in the light.
darkness is the light we cannot see.
absolute darkness is absolute light.