Uncomfortable Heritage

Uncomfortable Heritage is a staged situation in which a group of girls dressed in Slovak folk costumes occupies all the available bathrooms of the venue. The performance is not announced and for a certain time it remains a latent course of events going on simultaneously with the main programme. After opening the bathroom door the visitors are confronted with the presence of the girls dressed in festive folk dresses. The whole situation seems like a preparation for a performance, a frozen moment before a spectacle. The girls are instructed not to leave the premises of the toilettes under any circumstances and with their persisting presence they create a pretext for visitors' further actions. The performance has no scenario, nor any usual modus operandi, it always invents itself as a consequence of the behaviors of the (voluntary and involuntary) participants and the models of cohabitation they are able to negotiate.

Shooting Back, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna (June, 2007)

Negrelli barge, Bratislava-Vienna (June, 2006)

private apartment, Bratislava (September, 2005)