Never Odd or Even
video, 13 min. 40 sec.

The title of the video, Never Odd or Even, is a linguistic palindrome (meaning that it reads the same backward as forward). Symmetry makes palindromes striking all on their own. And though meaning is often difficult to understand through strict logic, the enjoyment of palindromes doesn't lie entirely in the message of their texts, but in their form. The performance recorded on video is creating a morphosphere, an (a)symmetric palindromic shape made out of bodies. The bodies are employed in performing the idea of a palindrome through an altered self-bondage technique. In an attempt to loose personal traits and individual freedom we put ourselves into a situation of discomfort, loss of control and painful interdependency. The resulted creature is a spatial writing and an autopoietic cycle - a morphic palindrome reflecting the deep structure of our artistic collaboration.