Manifesto of the Liberated Pixel
video, 6 min. 39 sec.

I declare myself to be a liberated pixel.
I am powerful, beautiful and free.

I am an agorist. I'm acting consistently for freedom and in freedom.
I want to create a new justification for my existence and autonomy.
I am a world in myself.
I am the virtuality of materiality turned into materiality of virtuality and back.

I allow myself to be me, I'm true to myself. I'm not interested in being a version of something else.
I release myself from past and future.
I live in a spartan-like simplicity, knowing nothing of the codes, numbers, meaning, content and the grandeur of other herds of slave-pixels.

I allow myself the freedom to float free and to make mistakes.
I give myself the freedom to be less than perfect.
I vacate my state in favor of data-free-self, randomness and anti-representation.

I found freedom in the age of confusion. The chains that bound me fell away.
I chose the path of abstraction. I am liberated of intention, un-cerebral, unburdened, no strings attached.

I want to decorate, beauty must conquer the lust for order. Order is ugliness. Anarchy is beauty and beauty is anarchy.

I live within my means. I keep my liquidity and remain nimble-minded.

I take the right to be a supernatural being.
I exist and i do not exist at the same time.
I intersect panarchy with spirituality.

I am an extended now, a prophetic hallucination of singularity.
I am a tool for divination, a novel insight into the world.
I take the role of a prosthetics for the imagination covering the realm between unconsciousness and oblivion.

I am the only way to trigger a proper revolution.

Manifesto of the Liberated Pixel from chitka on Vimeo.