The Prophecy of Things
installation with photoprints on glass, led lights, cables, glass balls
2016 - 2017

The Prophecy of Things are images born of broken screens. Preconditioned by destruction - accidents, falls, clashes with other objects and surfaces - and brought to life by meticulous recuperation, the body of the crashed device triggers a shift in the "consciousness of the machine". The resuscitated screen reincarnates into new phantasmal imagery and unveils beautiful visual coincidences. It releases an unimaginable potential of visual energy, rendering a fleeting imaginal microverse. We seized the evanescent materiality of displays and reactivated their presence in the world. The decomposed screens are "awaken" by hardware hacking and reverse-engineering - they became worlds in themselves, rather than windows to somewhere else. The virtuality of materiality becomes the materiality of virtuality. A destroyed screen breeds unthought images and launches a new domain of "screenomancy". Like augurs, we stare into the abstract composition of LCD particles and look for resemblances, familiarities, omens. A screen becomes a tool for divination and provides novel insights into the world through our intuitive interpretation.