strip, map & sample
site specific installation (office furniture, office supplies, artificial plants)
300x400x250 cm

on a temporarily improvised parking lot that will developed in the time to come, we created an archaeological site for the future by transforming the present into past. the intention is to preserve a generic contemporary office with all its appliances, accessories and elements under ground in such a way that when developers start building another needless office building, they will encounter their own traces. it is a message in a bottle from us to the developers, a memento mori, a raised finger saying "we've been here first!"
the title "strip, map & sampleā€ refers to an archaeological method that is undertaken when a site is to be destroyed by development and no satisfactory method of preserving archaeological remains in situ can be devised. it is also used when adequate funding and time has not be factored into the development project planning to allow for a full archaeological investigation.