wood, artificial nails, nail polish

How does the time flow? Is the past pushing the future or is the future dragging the past? The past is unpredictable. The future is counterintuitive. The past feeds us and is fed by us. Forgotten memories become visions of the future while future minds create their own past.
We are cursed and drunken by future, we want to soften it, to draw aside its veils and to see its shape. We seek meaning in random patterns, in screens, in mirrors, in fire, in branches of trees. How many futures are there - zero, one or all of them? We make statements about uncertain events using forbidden arts: osteomancy, pyromancy, spodomancy, geomancy, chiromancy, dactylomancy, uromancy, technomancy, screenomancy, chronomancy. We fill the void with timelines until there isn't any emptiness left. To knot the past and the future - the way to change the now.